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Premier Lash Studio in NJ Only Uses Cruelty Free and Hypoallergenic Products

The Latest Update about Premier Lash Studio in NJ Only Uses Hypoallergenic and Cruelty Free Products

Eyelash extensions are one of the hottest trends today, but some women have reported allergic reactions to them. The quality and type of products used by an artist studio should be considered.

False eyelash sales are predicted to grow at a CAGR of 6.0% from 2019 to 2025. Owners of lash extension studios must ensure their customers’ safety by using safe products.

A lash studio in NJ encourages people with allergic reactions to contact them if they are experiencing a reaction to eyelash extensions.

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However, there have been some women who have experienced allergic reactions with eyelash extensions, specifically due to the glue used. This is especially true when choosing the best place for eyelash extensions, as it underscores the importance of knowing what type and quality products a lash studio uses.

“We walk our clients through the entire process, aftercare tips, and any precautions to be aware of in order to extend the life of their lashes and avoid any type of irritation,” said Santiago. 

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