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Biz News Offers Guide to Jump Start a Blog and Monetize It Quickly

As published by, the details about Offers Guide on Starting a Blog and Monetizing Quickly have future implications.

Michael Santiago, founder of, provides advice on creating an income-generating blog. ‘Evergreen content’ will be relevant and engaging for years in the future, according to the author.

The blog can be started as a hobby, grow into a business, and gain experience in digital marketing. The speaker also discussed how to pick an interesting topic, pick a profitable niche, and learn about your audience.

Blogs can be started at with ready-made websites. Traffic is generated by the websites, which are optimized for SEO.

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New York – Today, blogging has revolutionized how writers make money. In a recent report: “How Much Can a Blogger Make?,” Michael Santiago, founder of, has discussed the most effective way to start a blog that generates income. This is an excellent guide for those seeking to start a blog with the intent to monetize it.

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