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Biz News Is a Nontraditional .Com Domain From Blockchain Companies Contribute To.

According to, details about Blockchain Companies Contribute to Non Traditional .Com Domain Sales States are below:

As crypto keeps hitting new highs, blockchain companies are showing an increasing interest in .xyz domains.

By using these domains, the Blockchain industry creates domains such as,,,,, and

Blockchain companies tend to gravitate toward non-.coms, as is the case when a new industry appears.

Blockchain-related domain extensions such as .crypto and .nft are gaining in popularity and selling for as much as $100k.

In response to mainstream acceptance of blockchain technology and emerging technologies, GTLD domain sales continue to grow. JapaneseSwap acquired for $1.9M.

Blockchain companies also invest in domain names. owns a portfolio of domain names like these.

The following is a clipping of the original article

New York, NY – At a time when crypto continues to hit all-time highs, Blockchain companies are showing a major interest in .xyz domains. When purchasing a domain, some investors gravitate to buy a website with traffic and one with the .com extension, However, Blockchain companies are going against the grain and according to, Domain investor Swetha Yenugula has sold a number of her .xyz domains to blockchain-related companies. is a digital marketplace for premium domains and starter sites and always looks at the latest domain sales to find trends within the industry. One such trend is how the Blockchain industry is making its mark in the domain industry by using domains. 

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