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Lash Artist Explains How to Care for Eyelash Extensions to Make Them Last Longer

As reported by, the story about Expert Lash Artist and Esthetician Shares Aftercare Tips for Longer Lasting Eyelash Extensions has far reaching implications.

A recent study found that eyelash extensions can draw attention to your eyes. Lashing artist Ash Santiago shares tips on how to maintain healthy lashes.

In addition, Santiago recommends cleaning the lashes twice a day, brushing them with spoolie brushes, and completely drying wet lashes. Avoid saltwater, oily makeup, and swimming to protect your lash extensions.

Read a clip from the article here below:

New York – There’s a secret to perfect eyelash extensions that last. Expert lash artist and a popular provider of best place for eyelash extensions in nj shares aftercare tips to ensure your eyelash extensions last longer and stay healthier. 

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