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This is the commentary of the editorial writer. This article was originally published on says content optimization tools can boost your online presence.

Search engine optimization enhances the ranking of a website on search result pages (SERPs) by using the appropriate keywords, building outbound links to authoritative sites in critical fields, and using relevant meta descriptions and title tags.

Content optimization helps businesses understand how search engines find relevant content and establish the authority and brand equity of their websites. The tools also help businesses optimize their old and outdated content in order to increase their website traffic without incurring high costs.

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New York – In a recent survey from Ascend2 shows that 57% of marketing executives believe that developing and improving website content is the most effective search engine optimization strategy. To help businesses maximize the potential of this strategy, educates its readers on the importance of content optimization and the emergence of content optimization tools to boost a business’s online presence. As competition in nearly every industry grows online, content optimization is becoming even more important as those who employ this strategy gain a massive advantage over their competitors in the search engines, is a digital marketplace for premium domains and starter sites. Currently, it lists over 3,500 domain names with a combined valuation of over $5 million. It also specializes in helping clients with SEO for improved rankings and traffic.

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