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As seen in, Discusses How to Create Engaging Blog Content

According to a recent survey, a very small percentage of bloggers gain income from blogging. The most important factor to determine whether a blog will generate income is the content it contains.

Michael Santiago,’s founder, said that the challenge is to find informative content that will engage visitors. Engaging blog posts include videos, infographics, and visuals. provides ready-made blogs set up according to SEO best practices, is ideal for bloggers who love to write but lack the time.

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New York – According to a recent survey, nearly 33% of writers receive little to no revenue from blogging. And a blog’s success is usually measured by how much income it generates as it can be an indicator of how popular a blog is. A blog’s failure to generate income can be attributed to a variety of factors, though one major factor seems to be the biggest contributor, engaging content. In its latest blog post, discusses the key aspects of creating engaging blog content. Titled, “how much money does a blogger make,” this post covers the steps to create a successful blog and generate various streams of income. is a digital marketplace for premium domains and starter sites. Currently, it lists over 3,500 domain names with a combined valuation of over $5 million. It also specializes in helping clients with SEO for improved rankings and traffic.

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